Be Yourself

There is a constant urging from our world and its media to reinvent yourself into something else.  The messages are constant and they all focus on the gathering and accumulation of personal power; to what end, who knows.  Perhaps it is to control your life and the world around you, 100%?  To be rich or famous?  To achieve for achievement’s sake…..or for the attention and self-love that must come with it? A sample:  “Be fierce…….seize the day…..dream big things… the change you want to see in the world…..”

How about:  be yourself?

Be yourself.  Just, be yourself.  God made us in His image to know Him and love Him and serve Him.  He gave us life, our own self, in HIS image, and no one else’s.  If he made you to be bold, then bold you should be.  If you prefer to be a quiet soul, then be quiet.  We don’t need to be more than we are, or be someone we’re not.  If He wanted us to be something else, He would make us something else.  But can we just be as God–and not the world—intended?

The world insists that being beautiful, fit, educated, rich, powerful, influential, all-controlling, ‘fierce’ (whatever that means), and so on….is the pathway to happiness.

But what if being quiet makes you happy?  What if being a parent makes you happy?  Or a teacher or plumber or tree surgeon or a minister or cab driver or librarian–whatever it may be.  Can you just be yourself and be happy?

Perhaps an even better question is:  can you be anything but yourself and be happy?  The answer is most definitely no.

Be yourself.  Think about what makes you happy and do that thing.  Pray to Our Lord for the grace to know Him and know what He intended for us so we may be reasonably happy in this life.  Ask Him for guidance to lead you to your true self in this world and You will know a contentment that few discover.

Forget the world and it’s messages.  The world needs you as you are. It is an imperative! For you were not made by the world nor made for the world.  You were beautifully, wonderfully made by Him and for Him and His Kingdom.

As St. Augustine said, “You made us for Yourself, O God.”

What is your true self?  Search for the answer only in your self through Jesus, your best and most trusted friend.

Be Yourself!

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