Ascend with Him

Today, we recall the Ascension of Jesus.

We are told in Luke’s Gospel that as Jesus rose from their sight, the disciples were left standing with their gaze fixed upon Heaven……..even after He had vanished.

Likewise we are called to fix our eyes upon Him…to ascend with Him, spiritually; to keep Him at all times in our hearts and minds. So hard this can be, as the world and it’s demands and temptations pull us downward, interfering with our spiritual pursuits, forcing us to avert our eyes from the things above to the things of earth.

The Lord knows of our struggle–and He knows we have a live to live, people who need our time and attention, schedules to keep, lists of places to go and things to do.

But can you take an hour, a few minutes, or even just a moment, and leave it all behind?

Let us lift up our hearts and our minds to Him, immerse ourselves with nothing but thoughts of Jesus; come into His world, even for just a moment.

Take a minute and daydream of Eternity. Imagine Him with His arm around you, opening the door to Heaven. Be reunited with loved ones and old friends long gone. Let Him show you things: the gardens and vistas and beautiful sights and sounds of Heaven.

People who have written of their ‘near-death’ experiences have sometimes talked of the beauty of Heaven far surpassing that of earth……Heaven! Where all of our hopes are fulfilled–where at long last that terrible longing for God is taken away and a contentment we’ve never known is ours forever.

For just a moment, leave this world and all its troubles and Ascend with Him. May he speak to you His presence. Remember and believe his promise that we will join Him at the end of our journey and abide with Him for all eternity.



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